Asymmetrical! Summer Style #2

Además de la moda, una de mis grandes y principales pasiones en la vida es la música. Soy de la idea que todo en esta vida es MEJOR con música. Ordenar mis cosas, hacer ejercicio, trabajar, manejar, limpiar y esperar -entre otras cosas- se me hace fácil y placentero al son de la música que me gusta. En una época fantaseaba con la idea de dedicarme a la música, incluso fui cantante de una banda llamada "Bonita Pietila", me encantaba! Ahora tengo a la música como mi telón de fondo y la disfruto desde otro lugar. Si tienen bandas para sugerir, bienvenidas sean! Me gusta incorporar nuevos sonidos. 
Vamos a lo nuestro! Para el outfit de hoy me puse una reciente adquisición. Mi bella madre me regaló unas cuantas cosas hace poco y una de ellas es esta remera. Me encantó porque 1) es RAYADA -love it!- 2) dice LOVE -linda!- y además 3) es asimétrica. Asique armé el conjunto alrededor de esta prenda. Para que se luzca, la combiné con una falda gris y unas chatitas en composé. Es un conjunto que no marca el cuerpo, al contrario, genera una silueta distinta donde la tela y las formas juegan. Las prendas ligeras y sueltas como estas son un MUST del verano, dan frescura y libertad.
Espero que les guste! y gracias por visitar mi blog! :) 


Ojalá pudiese decir que soy skater! I wish i could say i´m a real skater! :( 

One of the biggest and most important passions in my life, besides fashion, is music. I strongly believe that everything in life is BETTER with music. Tidying up my stuff, working out, driving, working, cleaning and waiting -among other things- becomes easier and even delightful to me while listening to music. In another time i fantasized with the idea of having a career in music, i even sang with a band named "Bonita Pietila", i loved it! But now i have music as a background and i enjoy it from another standpoint. If you have band suggestions, they´re very welcome! I like adding new sounds.
Now let´s get to it! For todays outfit i´m wearing a recent acquisition. My beautiful mother gave me a few gifts a few days ago and one of those things was this T-Shirt. I love it because 1) its stripped -love it!- 2) it says LOVE -cute!- and 3) its asymmetrical. I put the outfit together to go with this tee. To make sure it stood out, i paired it with a gray pleated skirt and matching flats. This outfit doesn´t show the real shape of the body, actually it creates a different silouette where fabric and shapes play together. Light and loose clothes like these are a MUST on summer... they provide freshness and freedom. 
I hope you like it! Thanks for visiting my blog!
Jannine :)
Remera / T-shirt: regalo de mamá /gift from mom
Falda /skirt: Forever 21
Chatitas / flats: Wet Seal
cartera /bag: regalo de mi abuela/ gift from my grandma
pulseras / bracelets: H&M

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20 comentarios:

  1. The asymmetry of that shirt is perfect. I really like the way it's shaped. And I'm totally with you on music. It's necessary at all times. (This would have taken me forever to write in Spanish! Honestly, you're going to help me learn more Spanish words.)

  2. Hey, thanks for the comment :) really love that skirt!!! Following you xx

    Jenny xxx

  3. I love anything that's asymmetrical too! The top is super cute as well. You did a great job in accentuating the top by keeping it low-key down the bottom. Such a cute and casual outfit! You look adorable :)

  4. You look so cute sweetie, so so cute.

  5. This is a really cool outfit. It's very rock star chic. ;)

  6. i Like your style!

  7. hehe no baby yet!! you are soo cute w/ your shoes and stripes!!

  8. hey, jannine! i am a huge fan of asymmetrical tops, and how sweet you got it from your mom. :) i have to agree with you regarding music.... i ABSOLUTELY LOVE music, and if i had to choose, i would rather blind than deaf because i FEEL with music. :) love the name of your band, if you had one. :) have a great rest of the wknd, jannine!

    jasmine :)

  9. Your dog is just too cute! I love your skater girl look, lovely skirt!

  10. Loveee the stripes! <3



  11. las chatitas son muy parecidas a las de Lupe, divinas! la remera me encanto, soy loca de las rayas :)

  12. I completely agree...light and loose are the keys to a great summer outfit! The outfit you picked out is super cute!! I love it. :)

  13. I love this look girl so super laid-back and yet so chic. And the eye-shadow just gorgeous.

    <3 Marina

  14. Hola Jeannine! gracias por visitar mi blog!! soy tu nueva seguidora!!!
    Me encanta tu blog y la propuesta de este outfit!!!! sencillo pero sexy!!!

  15. Hola bella! A mi tambien me encanta la musica para todo jajaja. Tienes un lindo blog. Te sigo. Pd: me encanto tu remera de rayas!

  16. Those shoes are adorable! =)

  17. Gracias los comments Jannine!! ese perro es lo mas tierno del mundo! me encantan tus chatitas.


  18. Such a nice post, I enjoyed it a lot! I like your sense of style! Wonderful photos!

    Take a look and if you want we can follow each others: Cosa mi metto???

  19. Adore la polera y las balerinas :D
    Un beso,

  20. another cool outfit of yours! Love your style



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